Dear Reader and Fellow Concerned American,

We first wish to humbly thank you for your interest in our book, and your interest in getting America to jump off the runaway train of debt currency oblivion. We’ve underscored what we see as the fundamental and foundational problem nationally and worldwide. Our book laid out the most fundamental remedies which we promised to expand on. If you are reading this, we presume that you have read the book and are in agreement with the problems laid out.

It’s clear the “money” system must be changed. However, this is an ultimate remedy and a “collective” remedy that will take an “army” of millions. We will soon lay out a step by step process for this which can be done, and quickly. However, it cannot be done without a significant number of the population becoming aware that there is a problem. For example, consider the movie “The Matrix”. No one was aware that there was a problem. They might have had an inkling, yet could not see it. Yet all were being milked of their lives by the “system” (machines). When educated that he was farmed by the Matrix, and given the choice, Neo did act to change the system, even at great risk.

Today, the bars around us are invisible (as they were to Neo), so no one has a clue. The invisible bars are called regulations. Yet many people do know something is wrong because they have to ask the “Master” (Creditor) for permission to do most everything, including remodeling the home that they think is theirs. And, they can be fined for not getting permission from the “Master”. Forced vaccinations may be next, as well as a government run disease maintenance system. People are gradually awakening to a problem!

The first step in remedy is to educate your family, friends and relatives. Your ministers and religious leaders must be made aware that they are unwittingly participating in a scheme of usury, forbidden by most all major religions. Churches that are 501(c)(3) corporations are political subdivisions of the government. How can they have freedom of religion or speech if they are actually created by the government? That’s why they cannot discuss political issues from the pulpit.

In order to change the monetary system, we must educate millions of Americans that they are being paid for their sweat, their life’s energy, and even their blood (our military) with property that belongs to a foreign creditor. It’s bad enough that the currency is worthless. It’s far worse that it is liened and actually owned, (not by the one who has given his substance (time, life force) for the notes), but by the creditor.

The first step in remedy is to please educate people about the underlying problem, and how we have devolved into a “Matrix”. The plan of the Creditor was absolutely brilliant, as was the plan of the machines in the movie, “Matrix.”

The American Revolution was fought against similar forces with sacrifice and risk we cannot imagine. The risk today is not nearly as great, but will take some sacrifice in time. We humbly ask that you do all you can to deluge radio (and TV) talk show hosts about the book and the need for their listeners to be educated. Send messages even to conventional hosts. With enough input, they might turn a friendly ear. Again, take the message to your church, local organizations, study groups, Tea Parties, workplace, etc. We would like to gather an email list of millions so that we will have the political clout to demand an end to the fraudulent monetary scheme. This cannot be done any other way.

Remember, to alter the monetary system is a collective remedy.  And, since it will take time, we are bringing it out first, especially the need to educate masses of Americans from the slumber the Creditor has inflicted upon us by “dummying us down” through the mass media it owns.

The next “remedy” installment will be how you, as a single person, just one man/woman, can change the whole system - through the jury.